Where we are

Officine Garibaldi

via Gioberti, 39 – 56124 Pisa

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Phone number: +39 050 8068970



By Taxi/Bus from Railway Station – Pisa Centrale

Walking from Railway Station – Pisa Centrale

  • Walking from Piazza della Stazione, going through Galleria Gramsci, to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele
  • Turn on the right in via Benedetto Croce
  • Going through Piazza G. Toniolo, coming in Via Bovio
  • Stay on the right and cross Ponte della Fortezza
  • Keep going for 100 m on Via del Borghetto to Piazzale Federico del Rosso (where is the wooden tower), then take via Del Bastione or via Luschi for coming in via Gioberti (700 m),
  • There you will find Officine Garibaldi

By car:

Search on Google Maps: via Gioberti, 39 Pisa (https://goo.gl/maps/jNyKLLNXT522)

There is a parking in front of Officine Garibaldi in via Gioberti (after 2 pm the parking is free).

There are other parking in Via Garibaldi, Via Betti, Piazza Bartolo da Sassoferrato.

You can pay the parking ticket using the app “PISAMO” http://www.pisamo.it/wp/tap-and-park/

By PISAMOVER from the Pisa airport:

Using the shuttle you can reach the railway station (Pisa Centrale) and the parking

  • The shuttle stop “FS / PISA CENTRALE” is next to platform 14. The external access is located in via Quarantola, in the discrict San Giusto.
  • The access of the shuttle stop “STAZIONE SAN GIUSTO/AURELIA” is available from Via di Goletta and from the roundabout in via Aurelia which includes two parking for cars.
  • The shuttle stop AEROPORTO is located on the left, just outside the exit door of the airport, next to City Gate.